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Hello the Tarot World!

The Hub starts working for:

  • Tarot artists who need their own platform to talk to the Tarot world (and have a lot of ideas what to say).
  • Tarot collectors who are looking for information about new art decks, its progress and performance (and have a lot of ideas what they want to see in new cards).

The Hub is a place where you meet each other, and you’re welcome!

Three topics in today post:

  • New the Hub’s members – who they’re?
  • Their Tarot decks – aren’t they special?
  • The current Kickstarter’ campaign – are you thinking to take part?

Let me introduce:

steve-photoSteve Hounsome is the Tarot movement veteran with thirty-five years’ experience in the field. He is the author of nine books and the two Tarot decks, and he is a prominent healer, psychic, and guru of spiritual and personal development. His ‘THE GAMBLE-HOUNSOME TAROT – THE TAROT OF GNOSIS’ present a strong elemental influence together with a beautiful expression of the wonder of nature, and a sense of the oneness of all life.

roxana-paulRoxana Paul has been a Tarot artist and for five years only, but she created two Tarot decks already. Her cards aren’t art only but are tools for self-development, healing, and spiritual transformation. She has visions for future. Roxana’s obsession about hidden ancient knowledge and her passion for cultural diversity in contemporary Tarot prompted her to create Maori Tattoo Tarot.

eugene-3Eugene Vinitski is a gifted professional artist and illustrator who participated in a number of exhibitions all around the world. He created four Tarot decks and is working now on the new deck, which was inspired by the Venetian Carnival’s theme. His Money Tarot is a piece of art and a divinatory tool for financial matters.

The Hub supports the first its KICKSTARTER campaign ‘VENETIAN CARNIVAL TAROT – Mastering the Art of Divination’, which Roxana Paul launched on 15 December 2016, and her project was already nominated ‘ A Project We Love’ by KICKSTARTER.

Artists, writers and collectors are invited. Let the Tarot world know about you!

Our First Post

hub for tarot and oracle decks self-publishers and collectors

Welcome to the Hub for Tarot and Oracle Self-Publishers and Collectors. Here you find news about self-published decks with links to creators’ websites and blogs.

Artists are welcome to list here their decks. Send us your banner 300x120px and link to your website/shop/blog. On our page “Artists” we can list your short BIO, picture and link.

To have your cards featured in the top banner send us your favorite pictures.

Artists and collectors, please subscribe to our mailing list to have updates about new tarot and oracle decks.